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Meet the Family, Chantecaille has established itself as an authority in plant-powered botanical skincare and makeup over the last 20 years.

Meet the Family, Chantecaille has established itself as an authority in plant-powered botanical skincare and makeup over the last 20 years. 안전한 카지노사이트

The brand was founded on the natural ability of certain flowers to heal and work in harmony with the body.

Chantecaille created plant-powered products with impactful, visible results through groundbreaking scientific advancement and meticulous formulation.

Their award-winning products are formulated with skin care in mind, so they work overtime to support great skin both on and beneath the surface.

A Family Matter

Sylvie Chantecaille has worked in the beauty industry for over 40 years. In 1998, she co-founded the company with her daughter, Olivia.

They collaborated to create a new landscape of beauty in the form of products infused with high concentrations of botanicals and natural ingredients.

Olivia guides new formula development and tells the company’s story through PR, the website, and social media as Creative Director.

Alex, Sylvie’s daughter, is CCO, Chief Compliance Officer, and oversees Chantecaille’s global retail and customer strategies.

We sat down with Slyvie, Olivia, and Alex to learn more about all things Chantecaille—including their latest launches

Must-have products, and more—to get to know the brand and the powerhouse family behind it.

To learn more about the brand and the women behind it. 카지노사이트

What inspired or influenced to create Chantecaille?

Sylvie Chantecaille: When we founded Chantecaille, we envisioned a company based on plants that only used healthy ingredients.

We were the first luxury company to use botanicals, specifically flowers, and science. We have been natural and cruelty-free since our inception nearly 25 years ago.

Make certain that each product is designed to produce the best results possible by combining natural ingredients and cutting-edge science.

Use our innovations to achieve maximum results while having the least impact on the environment.

For example, we use plant stem cells in our skin care not only because they are extremely effective, but also because they are extremely sustainable and do not deplete the Earth’s resources.

What are the advantages of botanicals?

Botanicals, specifically flowers, are natural ingredients that work in harmony with our skin.

Our bodies are most at ease in the natural world, and there is an understanding between our cells and the cells of plants that we sometimes can’t even explain, but it’s very real.

We use plant stem cells in our products because they are extremely effective and use very little of the

Earth’s resources – they are grown with very little water or soil and yield a concentration of very effective ingredients.

Source the most effective botanical ingredients and collaborate with experts all over the world—different scientists and technical labs chosen for their strengths in specific areas of our business.

What is your must-have Chantecaille item?

Rosewater purified. I can’t do without it. My daughter Olivia and I were driving around the South of France looking for a jasmine field

When we stopped to speak with a farmer and discovered the most intoxicating, stunning Rose de Mai field right behind the jasmine field.

On that particular day, the farmer was also producing rosewater on his farm. We developed a friendship with him, which has lasted to this day.

We learned about the health benefits of this highly nourishing rose, as well as the harvesting process — it only blooms once a year, in May. It all comes down to harvesting

The Rose de Mai petals first thing in the morning and distilling them the same day. The bottle contains only the petal distillation — the purest extract of the Rose de Mai rose. 카지노 블로그

Each bottle contains 4,000 petals. It’s something I never leave home without and use all the time!

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Meet the Family Behind Chantecaille

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